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Juventus top cheap fifa 16 coins account, Carlos Tevez, wants his team to wrap up the Serie A title so that they can focus all their attentions to the UEFA Champions League.

Juventus currently sits on top of the league with 14 points a head of the second place runner-up with a total of 10 games remaining. Tevez is eager to seal the Serie A league title for the fourth time straight, so they can properly prepare for Monaco in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

"We are in a good shape, we are in excellent form and this is the most important thing," the Argentine said.

"We have to win the title as soon as possible and focus on the Champions League."

On Sunday Juve defeated Genoa 1-0 in their league rival fixture with a 25th minute goal by the Argentine forward.

Later on the game Tevez had the opportunity to secure a second goal when he was awarded a penalty. However, goalkeeper Eugenio Lamanna denied Tevez of his penalty with a spectacular dive to palm away his shot.www.fifa14coinscheapsale.com
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